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The Truth Behind Common Yoga Myths

Rumors and misconceptions exist in nearly every facet of life. Being out in the cold will make you sick — or will it? You can’t swim after you eat — or can you? Only very serious yogis go on yoga retreats in Baja Mexico, right? Casa Tara Retreat is here to debunk these myths and…

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A Few More Things To Do In El Sargento

Welcome back to our blog series on things to do in El Sargento! From visiting Cerralvo Island to snorkeling and stand up paddleboarding, there’s no limitation to the activities you can enjoy when you stay at our family-friendly hotel in Baja Mexico. Our last blog talked about a lot of things that you can do…

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Things To Do In El Sargento

The best vacations are the ones that have the perfect balance of things to do and free time. A vacation that’s jam-packed with itinerary items and activities is the kind where afterwards, you’ll feel like you need another vacation from your vacation. A trip that’s spent lounging poolside for the entire time can be very…

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