Jan. 12th – 15th | JOURNEY TO YOUR TRUE SELF

Using Eastern wisdom teachings, meditation, creative writing and group discussions you’ll learn how to quiet the constant chatter in your mind and experience the stillness and peace that rests behind all the voices. This retreat is about freeing your mind and heart – allowing you to trust who you really are. To feel that deep connection that makes you feel whole again – the connection we all long to know but aren’t sure how to access.


10-3 pm for the first 3 days
2-8:30pm for the last day


4-Day Course & Materials
5 Nights Accommodation
3 Healthy Meals Each Day
Unlimited Yoga
Peace & Tranquility


Airfare + Travel Insurance
Alcoholic Beverages
Spa Services
Extra Excursions


Single: $1695 (early bird pricing up to 8/31/18 $1495)
Double Occupancy: $1195 (early bird pricing up to 8/31/81 $995)


Name: Meredith Hooke
Phone: 858-353-9630

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