April 8th – 14th, 2019 | MINDFUL LIVING RETREAT

With Erin Woo, Marcela Ley and Milena Regos

Unhustle™, a lifestyle movement and transformational retreats focusing on simplicity, mindfulness, digital detox and mindbody wellbeing is partnering up with Casa Tara Retreats to offer one of a kind retreat experience in Baja California Sur. Unhustle™ is a new way of living. Keeping life simple. Slow it down. Finding balance. Eliminating technology distractions. Standing up to the “Hustle” advice. Discovering who we are and living our best lives possible.

Our Mindful Living retreat in April will provide participants with mindful strategies for everyday living. Together with daily yoga, outdoor activities, healthy nutrition, and human potential coaching you will leave equipped with all the tools to tackle stress, anxiety, and the demands of everyday life. With a lot of focus on selfcare, this is the ultimate retreat for people who need to get out of the hustle and the day to day grind so they can decompress, digital detox, increase their creativity and be able to move forward with their life and business.

We’ll explore formal mindfulness practices including awareness of breath, the body scan, mindfulness of sound, awareness of thinking, heartfulness, and mindful movement practices. We’ll also use mindfulness in informal ways through mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful listening and speaking and in daily activities.

To see more details about the retreat, visit: https://unhustle.com/retreats/mindful-living/




Phone: +1 775 771 6863