When it’s time to renew and restore, it’s time to retreat. Casa Tara Retreat offers some of the best yoga and wellness retreats in all of Mexico. Whether you’re looking to get away or planning a getaway for others, Casa Tara is the place to go. Learn more about our retreats, and book your stay today.

Upcoming Events

There are tons of upcoming yoga and wellness retreats coming up at Casa Tara Retreat. Find the perfect retreat for you, and book before space fills up!

Jun 1st-4th | Yoga Retreat

Reservations required to secure dates at Resort Included during your Retreat: 1 meditation and yoga session  for 2 days 3 meals daily at the Restaurant…

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Want to host a retreat in the most peaceful and relaxing venue? Casa Tara Retreat is the perfect place to go. We will gladly assist you in the planning process. Contact us and tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll share pricing information, group rates, available dates, facility recommendations, and more.

Yoga & Wellness Teachers

The yoga spaces at Casa Tara Retreat are designed to help others bring their practice to new heights.

Retreat Planners

Nothing says “retreat” more than a beautiful beach destination. Casa Tara Retreat provides the reset and connection that we all deserve.

Corporate Events

Strengthen your team, prioritize wellness, and see results in your company’s success by taking employees to Casa Tara Retreat.

Plan With Casa Tara Retreat

Wondering if your potential event could be hosted at Casa Tara? Below are some examples of people who plan their retreats through our luxurious beach resort.

Yoga & Wellness Teachers

Whether you own a studio or practice, or are a teacher looking to bring people together, Casa Tara Retreat is the perfect place to go. We have a number of incredible spaces for you to indulge in your practice. Talk with someone from our team, and we’ll work with you through the planning process and happily answer any questions.

Retreat Planners

There’s no better place to host a wellness retreat than near the beautiful beaches of La Ventana in Baja California, Mexico. The sound of the waves crashing and seagulls cawing overhead, the warmth of the sun and the sand — when you need to restore and renew, Casa Tara Retreat is just the place for you.

If you’re a retreat planner, you can easily plan out your next event with our help. We have intentional spaces that encourage peace, serenity, and mindfulness, and are guaranteed to revive anyone who comes here to stay. Give us a call to set up your next wellness retreat in Mexico.

Corporate Events

Everyone needs to get away from time to time. The next time you’re considering a wellness retreat for your staff, consider taking it abroad to the sunny shores of Baja California. Whether planning an event for your team or for the leadership, you will all feel incredibly restored and connected, and better able to thrive when getting back into the grind.

We can teach mindfulness techniques, lead yoga sessions, or simply give you the space you need to facilitate your own event. Whatever it is you’re looking for, contact Casa Tara Retreat to see what we can do for you!

Restore and Renew With Casa Tara Retreat

We all need to get away and to reconnect with the most important things in life, and the most important parts of ourselves. Casa Tara Retreat has the incredible yoga and wellness retreats in Mexico to help make this happen. Choose your next event to attend or look into planning your own, and contact our luxury beach resort and retreat destination in Mexico to get started!