Welcome back to our blog series on self-care! While many might think that self-care is all about the bath bombs and the spa days, long-term self-care is what truly makes a positive impact in your life. Our wellness retreat is back with a few more ways that you can practice self-care every week. Take a look!

Eat Well

When that sugar rush hits at 2 p.m., it’s all too easy to reach for the nearest sugary, processed food that’s floating around the office. When we’re stressed after a busy day, picking up takeout and not having to cook sounds much more ideal than working even more in the kitchen. But the truth is that everything we eat impacts us, and we feel immensely better when we make thoughtful, intentional dietary choices.

This is something that Casa Tara Retreat prides itself on. La Moringa is our wellness retreat’s renowned, world-class restaurant. We use local foods and ingredients that promise to be as enticing as the views outside of our terrace. At Casa Tara Retreat, we believe that wellness comes from within — food is one of the most important ways to aid in self-care.

Pursue A Hobby

Painting, carpentry, coaching — there’s at least one hobby out there for everyone, and it’s something that sustains and nourishes us. If we’re constantly only grinding at work and never taking the time to play, we won’t have a chance to challenge our creativity and to grow in other ways.

Anytime we’re doing something with the intention of helping ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we’re practicing self-care. Pursuing hobbies hits every one (or nearly every one) of those self-care aspects on the mark. Plus, hobbies are fun to do! Just make sure you dedicate adequate time each week to practicing.

Look for Opportunities to Reset

If we drove a car without ever stopping for gas, it would eventually die. If we kept filling that car up with gas but never really turned it off, it would die sooner than we’d likely want it to.

Resetting and turning off are crucial for our mental health. This is more than just playing video games or watching TV, it’s disconnecting from the stresses of day-to-day life and truly focusing more on our self as a whole.

Resets can be disconcerting, especially for anyone who’s used to constantly being on the go. That’s why it can be all the more helpful if you partake in a wellness retreat, such as the ones offered at Casa Tara. Our expert facilitators will guide you in your practice, whether that’s for yoga, a company retreat, or any other kind of more-formal reset. Find an upcoming one by visiting our events page!

Get Enough Sleep

How many times have you stayed up later than you should have, trying to get one last thing done? Whether it’s cleaning the dishes, playing around on your phone, or simply laying on the couch because you’re too tired to get ready for bed, it’s clear that most of us consistently are OK with sacrificing sleep.

The thing about self-care is that it sometimes requires things we don’t want to do. It might feel better to stay up late and watch a movie on a weekday night, but this is a temporary feeling that doesn’t sustain us in the way that 7-8 hours of sleep does. Getting consistent sleep affects our mood, memory, immune system, physical health, and so much more. Making sleep a priority is one of the most powerful examples of long-term self-care.

Say “No”

One of the fastest ways to drain our energy and take away from the self-care focus is by taking on obligations that we don’t want. You have every right to decline the happy hours, birthday parties, lunches, and everything in between! While it’s important to lend a helping hand, you can tell someone when you don’t have the time or energy to do so.

Saying no isn’t just about saying no when we’ve reached our breaking point. Our self-care is best maintained when we thoughtfully consider each potential obligation that comes our way, deciding if saying yes will hurt or help us in the long run.

Although, one thing our wellness retreat does think you should say “yes” to is booking a stay with us in Baja California! Eating well, getting enough sleep, trying a new hobby like kiteboarding or mountain biking — your self-care meters will be off the charts when you spend time at Casa Tara Retreat. Book your room today.