A Few More Things To Do In El Sargento

Welcome back to our blog series on things to do in El Sargento! From visiting Cerralvo Island to snorkeling and stand up paddleboarding, there’s no limitation to the activities you can enjoy when you stay at our family-friendly hotel in Baja Mexico. Our last blog talked about a lot of things that you can do as an individual, but today, we’re going to take a look at some of the family-friendly activities that exist in the town and surrounding area. All of the previously listed examples would be great experiences for anyone with kids, but for families with younger children, we recognize that the itinerary might need to switch a little bit. Here are some fun family-friendly things you can do with your loved ones while you’re staying with Casa Tara Retreat — learn more, and book your stay with our resort today!

Explore the Town

El Sargento is a pretty new town; in fact, it was established in 1949 by fishermen. The towns are pretty rural, but there are nearby art shows and jazz sessions (mostly organized by the expats in the area), as well as great restaurants to check out! Your kids will love getting to explore a new town and see some new sights, and we’re willing to bet you’ll love it as well! Also, there’s a farmer’s market on Thursdays during the busy season that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Have Beach Days

With exceptional views of the ocean and luxurious sand that beckons to us all, there’s nothing better than spending some days at the beach on your vacation. Your kids will love getting to make sand castles, swim in the ocean, and look for shells along the shore. Being outside in perfect weather is about as good as it gets. Here are some beach activities that your kids can try out:


  • Play ball. Pack the nerf football or a frisbee for the kids to throw around on the beach.


  • Go shelling. Even if there aren’t a ton of shells to be found directly on our beach, you can bet that the nearby Cerralvo Island has some incredible collectibles to be found. Nothing makes for a better souvenir than a shell found on the coast! Plus, it’s a great way for kids (and adults) to learn about the marine life in the area.
  • Build sandcastles. This is the iconic beach activity for many reasons, but mostly because it’s just good ol’ fashioned fun! If you can find some beach toys to aid in the sandcastle building, that’s excellent, but if not, that’s OK too — it makes for an even greater challenge for your kids to try.
  • Watch the waves. Watching the waves in itself is a very peaceful activity, but in a place like El Sargento where water sports enthusiasts and athletes come from far and away, your family is destined to catch some fantastic views of kitesurfers and paddleboarders — and maybe even some surfers if the tide is big enough!
  • Relax and read. Put those tablets away, and pull out a book instead. Reading by the ocean is one of the best activities of all time, and is the perfect way to relax and unwind — just what vacation is all about.
  • Try a new water sport. Boogie boarding, kayaking, or stand up paddleboarding (though the latter might be a bit tricky for younger children) are all activities that your kids will love and cherish, and likely are sports they don’t often get to try. Of course, there’s another great thing that everyone loves to try when they get to the beach…
  • Jump in for a swim. The first thing you do at the beach always has to be testing the water, but the second thing to do is mustering up the courage to get in and go for a swim! Kids will love splashing around and swimming with the waves — though if they aren’t experienced at swimming, make sure they have the proper flotation devices and supervision while exploring their surroundings.

Boat Rides

Whether you go to look for whale sharks, are wanting to take a visit to the nearby island of Cerralvo, or simply need to explore the water, a boat ride with the family is something that everyone will cherish. Not to mention, in addition to the memories that you’ll have forever from this experience, you might get a great family holiday photo out of the trip!

Drawing and Photographing

For those kids who love the arts, having opportunities to document their trip will be an activity they will truly love. Pack a camera or lend a phone so that they can run around and take some great photos — and after the trip, encourage them to make a movie or a scrapbook! As another idea, get your kiddos set with a sketchbook and some colored pencils so that they can recreate the environment around them. Don’t forget to frame those pics or hang them up on the fridge once you get back!

If there’s one thing to be learned from all of this, it’s that the things you can do in El Sargento are practically endless. Casa Tara Retreat offers the family friendly hotel experience that you’re looking for, guaranteeing an amazing time for the kids (and the adults, too!). Today’s a great day to book your trip and to make some memories that will last a lifetime — make your reservation at Casa Tara Retreat in Baja Mexico today!