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Top Activities for Kids at the Beach

kids activities at beach casa tara retreat baja

Going to a luxury hotel in Baja California is a great way to spend your vacation. A beach is relaxing, fun, and beautiful. For kids, there are endless activities they can do at the beach, which is great for parents who just want to relax. Casa Tara Retreat is a luxury beach resort located in…

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Top Benefits of a Luxury Beach Resort

luxury beach resort baja california casa tara retreat

When choosing a vacation, many people love the idea of a beach resort. What is more relaxing than laying on a beach, reading a book, splashing in the waves, picking up seashells, and doing absolutely nothing all day long? In today’s busy world where every day can be chaos, a luxury beach resort sounds like…

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Health Benefits of Yoga

casa tara baja california best yoga retreat

Yoga is one of the best all-around activities you can do for your mind, soul, body, and spirit. It incorporates breathing exercises that help you relax, meditation to help you get in touch with your mind and body, and great poses and movements that will strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. But that’s just…

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Here at the Edge – A Poem About Casa Tara

Here at the Edge Here at the edge Nothing is completely solid, And therefore Everything is possible. Silky water Sliding spilling eternally over and simply gone And persistent waves rolling in in in, Today a roar. Silence and sound Smooth and undulating Each Making the other knowable. My attention settles, Nothing to know, do or…

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La Ventana Named One of the Top Kiteboarding Spots in the World

It seems that Casa Tara is making waves in the kiteboarding community! Just last month, our resort and its scenic home of La Ventana was featured in 57 Hours in an article all about the great kiteboarding opportunities here. The team at 57 Hours loved our communities laid back atmosphere, smooth and steady winds, relaxed…

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La Ventana is a Must-Visit Destination for Kiteboarders

Founded in the late 1940s by a group of fishermen and pearl divers, La Ventana has maintained it’s quiet, community-focused values ever since. Throughout the year, this rural town on the coast plays host to hundreds of enthusiasts who come to take part in a unique and exciting sport; kiteboarding.  Here at Casa Tara Resort,…

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View Our Featured Article on Pointus

There’s no denying the international appeal of Casa Tara Retreat. The pursuit of a restorative experience is one that anyone across the globe can appreciate. That’s why we are so thrilled to be featured in Pointus, an online exploration and travel magazine based in Paris, France.  Pointus Driven by a passion for authentic and novel…

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Reasons Why You Should Go to a Yoga Resort

For many people, yoga is a journey. From the first down dog, the first ujjayi breath, the first crow pose, or bakasana, the love and passion for yoga grows and becomes a part of your life. There will always be days when your practice is challenging, when you need to push yourself to remember to…

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Yoga Retreat | Inspired by the 6 Chakras with Kay Kay

November 11th to 18th. Treat yourself to a week of mediation, honoring your body and empowering your soul. Each day, we will connect to the energetic centers in your body – the 7 chakras. Each day will start with Asana practice – flowing from one asana to another. Warming the body, quieting the mind and…

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5 More Long-Term Tips for Self-Care

Welcome back to our blog series on self-care! While many might think that self-care is all about the bath bombs and the spa days, long-term self-care is what truly makes a positive impact in your life. Our wellness retreat is back with a few more ways that you can practice self-care every week. Take a…

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