Casa Tara Retreat Named #5 Best Romantic Getaway In Mexico

Casa Tara Retreat is honored to have recently been named the No. 5 best romantic getaway in all of Mexico! We are so grateful for being recognized by Vacation Idea, a dream vacation magazine, in their article listing the top 25 best romantic getaways in Mexico. Described as “a peaceful beachfront retreat located within a fishing village in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula near La Paz, offering spectacular views of the beautiful La Ventana Bay,” we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of the recognition.

We’re going to go in a bit more detail as to what makes our luxury beach resort one of the most romantic places to stay in Mexico. Whether celebrating an anniversary, a honeymoon, or needing a weekend for just you and your significant other, we know that you’ll cherish your time at Casa Tara Retreat.

Why choose Casa Tara Retreat for a romantic getaway?

The beach, the waves, the sand, the sun — there are countless things that make Casa Tara Retreat one of the most beautiful and romantic places to stay in Mexico. Here are just a few reasons why you should book your next romantic trip with our luxury beach resort:

The Chance to Relax

Work stress, life stress, weather stress (anyone coming from colder climates in the middle of February knows what that’s about) — in the day-to-day routine of things, it can be quite challenging for you and your loved one to simply exist and unwind. Getting away for a few days or a week is the reset that everyone deserves and will appreciate, and in a peaceful place like Casa Tara Retreat, you’ll immediately feel the serenity that you seek.

There’s a saying that goes, “You can’t heal in the environment that made you sick.” When you stay in the same environment that’s making you stressed instead of trying to leave it all behind, you can’t ever fully relax. A stay at our luxury resort is sure to do the trick!

The Chance to Try Something New

Relationships are all about making memories with one another, and connecting over shared experiences. Whether you’re doing a favorite activity — such as hiking or mountain biking — in a new location, or trying something completely different like kitesurfing, there are countless opportunities to reconnect with your loved one at our luxury beach resort.

Everything is new on vacation, which is romantic in itself, but at Casa Tara Retreat, we have yoga and wellness retreats, kitesurfing lessons, access to hiking and mountain biking trails, and an incredible restaurant that promises enticing fare for everyone to try. You and your significant other will renew your sense of closeness when taking on new activities together.

The Chance to Reconnect

At Casa Tara Retreat, we’re not just a luxury beach resort. We’re a wellness center with yoga classes and spa opportunities, so that you and your partner can connect in a spiritual and deeply relaxing way. Take a meditation course, sign up for a massage, try out aromatherapy or other holistic healing treatments, practice yoga with the waves gently crashing in the background — the possibilities are endless!

The Chance to Have Fun

We often get so caught up with work and the busyness of life that we lose sight of having fun with our partners. Laughter is one of the most important elements in any relationship, but it’s something that we don’t prioritize nearly enough.

When you’re on vacation with Casa Tara Retreat, you’ll leave your cares and worries behind, and have so much more time to simply be with the one you love. Burying each other in the sand, jumping in the ocean, or just relaxing by the water are all things that provide you and your loved one the chance to spend quality time together.

As we expressed in the beginning, we’re very grateful to Vacation Idea for recognizing us as one of the best places in Mexico to have a romantic getaway. We have made it our mission to make Casa Tara Retreat as the place for people of all ages to escape from the stressors of life and spend some quality time reconnecting. There are countless rooms at our luxury beach resort for you to choose from — book your stay with Casa Tara Retreat today!