December 10th-13th, 2019 | Meditation, Mindfulness, & Waking Up Retreat

Meditation, Mindfulness, & Waking Up Retreat
with Meredith Hooke
December 10 – 13, 2019
Casa Tara, La Ventana
How can we stop ourselves from getting caught up in theÂ
worries, fears, and anxieties of every day life?
Why aren’t we waking up?Â
What’s blocking us?
Why you’re ready to wake up?
In this retreat we’ll be using two powerful meditation techniques: Mindfulness Meditation and Self-Inquiry to pierce through the veil of fear that’s always lurking within our psyche. Each class will be guided with a wisdom teaching that helps bring greater understanding of your true peaceful nature. The practices will then take the intellectual framework and allow you to experientially know this to be true. It’s time to wake up, you’re ready!
The benefits you’ll walk away with are…
  • You’ll be more compassionate, forgiving and kind to yourself as well as others.
  • You’ll be less stressed and respond to challenging situations more skillfully.
  • You’ll gain more confidence and resilience.
  • You’ll feel physically and psychologically stronger.
  • You’ll feel more joy and happiness.
  • Your mind will be more spacious and less distracted.
  • You’ll emerge feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and armed with powerful new insights and tools to take back into your daily life.
  • A delicious, healthy lunch will be provided Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and dinner on Friday.
  • Wisdom teachings and practices.
  • All materials for the course.
  • No additional charge for enlightenment.
Price: $525 if you have your own accommodation
Staying at Casa Tara – Single Room: $1450/Double Room $1050
Registration ends December 1, 2019. To sign-up please email me at or call 858.353.9630. And please reach out if you have further questions. 😀Â