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Nov 30 2023 - Dec 03 2023



Atlanntean Healing

Wake up the chaman within you, wake up the healer within you, wake up the goddess within you, wake up the Amazonian within you, wake up the priestess within you …

This retreat is dedicated to all the women who feel the call to dive into the discovery of the Divine Self. In a dream setting, surrounded by the Sea of Cortez, eating delicious and healthy food specially designed to elevate your vibration.  We take you to a place of peace and surrender to the Self, where you will be able to nurture your true essence and become in love with who you really are.

Surrender to the healing of these ancient ceremonies in a dream scenario. Surrender to the waters of the sea and to the medicine, and become one with all.

Each day we will host ceremonies that have been carried by our female ancestors for hundreds of years. Your soul is calling you to take the next step. The time has come.


  • Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology designed to master the domain, which means that our whole being is directed by our true self and not by ego.
  • The Rite of the Womb, is a Munay-ki rite from the Andes, delivered to women so we can release the memories of fear and pain stored in the womb and realize it is a place for love and creation. When we heal ourselves, we heal our lineage and our sons and daughters; and we become the sacred vessel where the sacred masculine inside ourselves and outside ourselves can find balance and activate manifestation.
  • Experience the deep connection of the rite of the breast releasing all DNA memories of fear and pain that you have been carrying for you and your ancestors. This healing allows you to re-program your body and the ancestral memories of your family.
  • From the Amazonas comes the sacred medicine of HAPÉ. Taught by shamans from Brazil, this medicine opens up your Pineal Gland, to wake up your 3rd eye. We will be taking this medicine so we can purify our senses and become more aware of the unseen world.
  • Therapeutic dance, through the movement we will release and re-program patterns and emotions that have been stored in our body while we also have lots of fun! Rediscover your body, accept it, and flow.
  • Dolphins are magical creatures representing the integration of water and mammals. They share their pure heart and high vibration creating a bridge between the spiritual world and the planet. We will meditate on them and we will go to their encounter in a boat that will take us to the island of Serralvo.
  • Fire has the beautiful quality of transmutation. We will give away everything we need to change to the fire of transmutation under the stars.
  • Baptism, being Baptiste means to be born again. We will all have our ceremony of being reborn. This is for brave heart women who are not afraid to start all over again.
  • Venus Water, the water of Venus was given to Gabriela Maria over the same sea of Cortez by Mary Magdalene. These waters are unique, their high vibration helps to expand the heart chakra as your DNA change to be more receptive to the new information coming from the universe. The water was distributed around the world to help to elevate the vibration of the planet. We will use the water to activate you.

What You Receive:

  • Three nights/ four days at the luxurious Casa Tara Spa Hotel.
  • Three nourishing high-vibrational meals a day with dietary requests and preferences accommodated
  • Daily embodiment through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • Daily reflective writing
  • Boat – Swim with Dolphins – Dolphin Meditation
  • Access to an onsite wellness spa

The Workshop will include:

  • Rite of the Womb Munay-ki
  • Rite if the breats.
  • Hape
  • Baptism
  • 144 Quantum healing
  • Dance Therapy
  • Connection with your intuition
  • Stargazing, swim for ever in the beautil pool or relax in the hot tub. See the sunrise while you paddle board.
  • Expand your life and indulge the the rejuvenating Baja sun and sand..

*Not included: airfare, alcohol, spa services, Tips and additional excursions.


2023 Early Bird 25%Late Payment
Single room$1.669,00$2.063,00
Double room$1.149,00$1.425,00
Share room with three$1.019,00$1.275,00
Share room with four$929,00$1.162,00

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