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Feb 03 - 10 2023



Off The Beaten Path

With Annakathryn Carlson

Come peel back the layers of life with twice daily yoga, nourishing & delightful cuisine, community, connection rest and play. Wake and sleep to the gentle sights and sounds of the ocean and allow nature to cleanse, restore and inspire.

Come away with me on an adventure to the Mexican peninsula of Baja. With over 2000 miles of jagged desert coastline meeting the brilliant blue sea, Baja is a wild and majestic landscape unlike any other. Our luxury beachfront retreat center is nestled in a quiet beach town, away from the crowds, for true peace and solitude. Come peel back life’s layers with a week of connection, yoga, food, rest, play, community, nature and adventure!



Annakathryn has been a teacher for over 13 years and a teacher trainer for 5. Her unique style explores somatic awareness, functional movement, primal expression and meditation in motion. Anna believes movement is a celebration of being alive, not for fitting standards of beauty. Through deep listening, she draws on her creativity, experience and knowledge to compose classes that meld form and intuitive flow.
I believe life is a collection of experiences. The quality of your experiences is the quality of your life. And I don’t mean an influencer-worthy picture perfect ‘quality’. I’m referring to how we inhabit our experiences, how we inhabit our life. The quality of an experience is dependent on how we are inhabiting it. The more completely we are ‘in’ the experience, the richer the quality.
USD Prices
Single Rooms $3000
Double Rooms $2200
Triple/Quad $1900
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