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May 18 - 22 2023



Realign. Recharge. Recreate

An Unhustle® Experience 

Unhustle Workshop / Retreat 


Unhustle: to create a fulfilling life with purpose, joy and well-being in a culture addicted to doing 

Unhustle was born out of our desire to experience what it means to be fully human and to create real living with well-being, joy and higher potential. 

In this retreat, you’ll not only nourish your mind, body, and soul but discover a different way to show up in the world with authenticity, flow and inner power.

You’ll gain clarity in the direction that life calls you and find presence, awe and inspiration. 

You’ll learn to challenge and overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back from realizing your full potential. 

You’ll gain tools to live mindfully, slower, and more powerfully. 

You’ll reconnect with your inner rebel and challenge the status quo that keeps you playing small. 

You’ll learn the art of being in a culture addicted to doing and how to find the balance, harmony and peace you seek in your daily life. 

You’ll re:create your new future and design the road map that will take you there, even after you get home. 


What’s included

  • 30 min 1:on:1 preliminary call to discuss your goals with the retreat
  • 4 nights / 5 days accommodation
  • Airport shuttle from Cabo or La Paz
  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness 
  • Three healthy, wholesome homemade meals daily with dietary requests and preferences accommodated
  • Daily Unhustle programming with ancient philosophy and modern trainings from Yale, Harvard, Stanford 
  • Daily activities
  • Shaman sessions
  • Cocoa ceremony
  • Deep human conversations and a community of like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Accommodation taxes
  • Trip to Cerralvo Island
  • Radical self-care rituals and practices: Sound healing, endless stargazing, soaking in the pool, dips in the ocean and deep nourishing in the Baja sun and sand while reconnecting with your mind, body and soul and the interconnectedness of all
  • Post-retreat community of like-minded rebels, trail-blazers and game-changers 



Single Room Rate: $1,920
Double Room Rate: $1,580




Milena Regos

Creator of Unhustle®, former CMO and seasoned entrepreneur, human potential and ICF certified coach she draws her curriculum on a decade of research of ancient and modern practices and principles from Yale, Harvard and Stanford based in mindfulness, neuroscience, science of well-being, positive psychology, flow state, ancient philosophy, and life experiences of redefining her own success for living authentically, in flow, awe and harmony. She lives in Baja full time with her Australian husband and rescue Mexican dog.



Diana González

Our local shaman, Diana González is a certified Pranic Healer and Shaman. As a healer her goal is to assist her patients in restoring their wellbeing, while helping to achieve the goal of her Spiritual Teachers, “To alleviate the suffering of mankind”. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice of mankind. We know from archaeological evidence that it is at least 40,000 years old and has been practiced all over the world. The word shaman has its origins in a Siberian tribe, it means “he who sees in darkness”. The shaman is a person who interacts directly with the spirits. Diana will be leading our cocoa ceremony and will be available for private sessions.



Marcela Ley

Founder of Casa Tara Retreat, Marcela’s first contact with yoga happened at the precise time she was finishing her graduate studies in Primatology, in London. She had become so stressed by the pressure of writing her thesis that a friend suggested she enrolled in a traditional hatha yoga class in the Sivananda Yoga Center. So she did, and with each passing day she took more and more interest in the philosophic nature of the yoga practice and quickly decided to do volunteer work in the Center and change the course of her life to become a teacher. It was on the path of building this dream that she met Miguel, her now husband and partner in Casa Tara. Together they host and run the luxury hotel in Baja California along with a staff of friends and the sweet company of their baby son, Matías.