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Apr 13 - 18 2024



UNHUSTLE BAJA: Connect to Disconnect

Do less so you can feel and experience more 

The Unhustle Baja Unbound is a digital detox experience called by CNN Business “the key to executive success.” A gathering of brave humans in a remote place where you see, inspire and remember each other and yourself. 

Think part wild Wanderlust, part rogue TED, but way more soulful. 

This magical event brings together trailblazers, game-changers, and wonder-filled humans who want to redefine the cult of busyness and create an abundant life with harmony, fulfillment, and wellbeing, breaking beyond the limits of the standard formula of success. 

Impossible to describe but magical to experience. 

We want to inspire, to unite, and to open hearts and minds. 

Our aim is simple and ambitious: To make the Unhustle Baja event the most magical small event in the world.

Included in pricing:

  • Four magical days together with awe-inspiring activities, life-changing soul work, inspiring Fire Soul™ bonfire talks and lots of juicy, deep human conversations all week!
  • Airport shuttle.
  • Unhustle rebel teachings with over 16 sessions.
  • Discovering what your soul desires and creating a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Elevating your business and career by learning how to lean more into who you are at the core and following your difference instead of your ego. 
  • Reclaiming inner peace, resetting your nervous system, and reviving your inner spark .
  • Access to regenerative activities and wellness offerings: from yoga and meditation to regenerative workshops, dance and painting workshops that put you in flow and get you to feel optimal in your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Inner work for de-conditioning the feeling of unworhtiness and guilt if you’re not aways doing something and learning how to feel safe in the “not doing”.
  • Overcoming inner sabbateurs (judgement, control, perfectionism) and finding you sage so you have agency and control.

Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuity
  • Insurance

The Unhustle Baja Unbound means going from conventional to unconventional. Less 24/7 hustle. Less FOMO. Less guilt and shame. 

You’ll design your days to welcome more inner peace. More ease. More joy. More daily fulfillment. More wonder. More presence. More focus. More flow. More alignment. More hidden potential, creativity, and high performance.

A few sample topics:

  • Awakening the sage within. Learn how to apply positive intelligence to the top 10 most common inner sabbateurs so you can rewire your brain and stand strong. 
  • Slow down to speed up. Make regenerative downtime your secret weapon in a fast-moving world and prevent burnout. 
  • Create radical boundaries and radical self-love so you can become the CEO of YOU. 


Webiste: http://unhustle.com/retreat
What’s App: +17757716863