The best vacations are the ones that have the perfect balance of things to do and free time. A vacation that’s jam-packed with itinerary items and activities is the kind where afterwards, you’ll feel like you need another vacation from your vacation. A trip that’s spent lounging poolside for the entire time can be very restful, but can also lead to regrets of not doing and seeing more while traveling.

Casa Tara Retreat has the answers for how you can have the perfect vacation when you stay with us, and we’re providing you with some of the best things to do in El Sargento — a perfect Baja Mexico town where gorgeous desert vistas meet beautiful ocean waters. See how you can do it all (and also do nothing whatsoever) in our blog, and book your stay with our hotel and kitesurfing retreat in Baja Mexico!


Also known as kiteboarding, it’s a sport with many names, but they all mean the same thing. El Sargento is one of the most ideal spots in the world for kitesurfing, because there are steady winds for several months out of the year. Whether you’ve been kitesurfing for years or are curious to try it out for the first time ever, kitesurfing in one of the world’s best spots is an experience that you’ll never forget.


Casa Tara offers incredible yoga retreats for everyone to enjoy! Partaking in yoga in a regular old studio is a good and fulfilling experience, but imagine practicing yoga on a beachfront location, hearing the waves crash into the shore, smelling the saltwater waft through the rafters, and feeling the warm ocean breeze and sun on your skin. Feeling truly rejuvenated is not about laying in a pool chair and sipping on a mai tai. It’s about taking care of yourself, and doing things that are good for your body — our yoga retreats promise to do just that.

Hiking and Biking

Learning about the Sierra Cacachilas through exploration and guided tours are an exceptional way to interact with the environment. This mountain range is the perfect place to hike and mountain bike, leading each traveler to incredible views of the ocean — as well as a chance to see some unique wildlife! In fact, it was just in 2017 that a new species of spiders was discovered in the Sierra Cacachilas (which was aptly named the Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider)!

Restaurant Dining

Food will forever be one of the most memorable parts of any trip, and this is especially true when you’re privy to the amazing cuisine and fine dining of Baja Mexico. Authentic Mexican food and the freshest seafood you can imagine — what more can anyone ask for? There are some incredible restaurants in town, but truth be told, many of the locals and people from the neighboring town of La Ventana come to our restaurant, La Moringa. Splurge in organic and locally-sourced cuisine that’s inspired by the beautiful surroundings, and make sure you don’t miss the sunset from our scenic terrace.

Scuba Diving

Warm ocean waters and clear visibility make scuba diving and freediving an excellent adventure for all to try. Plus, if you time your trip right, you can even go swimming with whale sharks! From early winter to late spring, these awesome creatures swim down from the frigid northern waters to the beautiful waters of Baja Mexico. Talk with our resort if you’re interested, and our certified associates will take you to see (and swim with!) the whale sharks.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

There’s no better way to explore the serene and magnificent ocean than to try your hand at paddleboarding. With a paddleboard that’s built to withstand the strong ocean waves, you can practice gaining your balance and strengthening your core and arms as your traverse the surf.

In addition to stand up paddleboarding, there’s kayaking available as well! Both are great options for exploring and interacting with the ocean.


Across the water from Casa Tara is a unique desert island called Cerralvo Island, a place with incredible flora and fauna, as well as some beautiful coral reefs to discover. We can take our guests out to Cerralvo Island to try their hand at snorkeling — but if you just want to relax on the beach and/or have a picnic, we completely understand, and are still happy to take you out there.


Mahi mahi, cabrilla, grouper, yellowfin tuna, black and blue marlin, and wahoo are just some of the amazing examples of marine life that exist just off of El Sargento. Big game fishermen and novices alike will love getting to fish off the coast, or taking a boat to a promising destination. Plus, you can’t beat the satisfaction that comes from eating seafood that you caught yourself! Or at the very least, taking a really cool photo of you holding a marlin is quite the souvenir in itself.

In our next blog, we’ll cover a few more things you can look forward to on your trip to El Sargento. There are so many incredible opportunities for exploration and adventure, as well as rest and relaxation when you stay with Casa Tara Retreat. One trip to Baja Mexico and one stay with us, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be wanting to come back for years to come. Stay tuned for our next blog, and book your reservation today for an experience that you’ll remember forever!