It seems that Casa Tara is making waves in the kiteboarding community! Just last month, our resort and its scenic home of La Ventana was featured in 57 Hours in an article all about the great kiteboarding opportunities here. The team at 57 Hours loved our communities laid back atmosphere, smooth and steady winds, relaxed nightlife, and of course, all of the great options to stay and play that we offer at Casa Tara! 

That’s why we’re so excited to be featured in a second article from 57 Hours this month. La Ventana and Casa Tara have been recognized as one of the best places to go kiteboarding in the world. Of course, we knew that already, but it’s always nice to get a little validation from another great publication. Here are some of the highlights from the article.

There’s a Lot to Love at La Ventana

The team over at 57 Hours was on a quest to find the best kiteboarding spots in the world, so it was only natural that they’d end up in La Ventana and Casa Tara. 

Thanks to the area’s unique location between the mainland of the Baja Peninsula and Cerralvo Island, there’s a special “wind gap” that offers strong, steady winds across the expansive bay region. The writers paid particular attention to how spacious the bay was, allowing everyone the chance to ride the strong winds without crowding one another. With beaches and waves stretching from La Ventana to nearby El Sargento, experienced borders and beginners alike have plenty of space to sharpen their skills, catch great gusts, and connect with other kiteboarders.

That being said, when you did see others out on the bay, they were quick to welcome new arrivals with tips, tricks, and even treats! It’s all part of the laid-back and easy-going nature of this beautiful slice of Baja. After all, when the winds, sun, and water are all warm and welcoming, it’s hard not to reflect those qualities!

Another standout feature of La Ventana is the sheer number of activities to participate in. If you’ve had your fill of kiteboarding (which is hard to imagine, we know), you’ll find that you’ll stay plenty busy thanks to the myriad of hiking and mountain biking trails that meander and weave their way through the hills of Baja. With its amazing cactus forests, serene desert landscapes, crystal clear waters, and sparkling beaches all set to a backdrop of rugged mountains, you’ll be absorbed in the immense beauty of the landscape.

When it’s time to unwind, make sure you take advantage of our luxury yoga retreats. We bring in some of the most talented and accomplished yoga instructors in the world to lead our classes. With courses offered throughout the day, you can greet the sun with one course, head down to the beaches in the afternoon, and then stretch your tired muscles with another course later that evening. 

The article did point out that most of La Ventana starts to turn in rather early, they joke that “La Ventana midnights is at 8pm.” We can’t argue with that point, but would point out that after a long day of getting up with the sun and biking, boarding, posing, eating, and drinking, who needs to stay up after the sun anyway?

Stay and Play in La Ventana at Casa Tara

Casa Tara couldn’t be more excited that La Ventana has been voted the #2 Best Kiteboarding Location Worldwide by 57 Hours. This low-key beach community has been a charming part of the Baja culture since it was established by local fishermen in the 1940s. Driven by values focused on creating a tight-knit and welcoming community, we think you’ll find yourself right at home the minute you set foot on the beaches of La Ventana.

Casa Tara is the premier luxury resort in Baja California. At this luxury getaway, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to relax, refresh, and renew yourself with good food, delectable drinks, and any number of fun activities. We offer a number of ways to stay in rooms that can accommodate you, your friends, and your family. Check out our numerous vacation packages, browse our immense restaurant menu, and peruse through our list of great activities. Book your stay at Casa Tara today and see why La Ventana is one of the best-rated kiteboarding beaches in the world!