Join us for NAMASWEAT Spring Break 2020 at Casa Tara Wellness Resort in El Sargento, Baja California Sur, Mexico April 13-18, 2020! Your retreat leader, Lauren McHale, is a yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and group personal training specialist based in San Francisco, California. Her signature class, NAMASWEAT, is a blend of yoga and strength training designed to help you strike a balance between hard work and self-care. Your experience includes daily workouts, yoga, meditation and self-compassion workshops, healthy and delicious meals, and plenty of free time to explore the local beaches, restaurants, and nightlife.

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Lauren recently debuted her NAMASWEAT program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA which focused on yoga, meditation, functional strength training, active recovery, and self-compassion workshops. Elements from this program will also be incorporated into the curriculum for your stay in Baja.

How often do you pause and listen to your own internal dialogue? Our understanding of our relationship with ourselves is a key aspect to Lauren McHale’s NAMASWEAT program. Combining the physical practice of group fitness classes with self-compassion workshops, Lauren facilitates an environment for deep self-exploration and interpersonal connection. NAMASWEAT is both a yoga and functional bodyweight strength conditioning class (designed for participants of all fitness levels) and an ideology: finding a way to strike a balance between hard work and self-care that feels authentic and enjoyable. The class itself is a combination of yoga and strength-training exercises set to high-energy music that will help alleviate insecurities and leave your body feel sore and restored. Lauren’s success as a fitness professional is rooted in vulnerability and openness. Her coaching style is focused on taking the intimidation factor out of embracing and celebrating your physicality and creates an environment for collective consciousness, connection and self-compassion.

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