Summer Specials at Casa Tara

Here in Baja, things seem to slow down in the summertime. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the warm ocean water. Whatever it is, it’s a great excuse to take it easy and enjoy those long days and warm nights. While the activity at our luxury resort in Baja heats up in winter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy our wonderful events and spa all-year-round! When you’re ready to relax, unwind, and take it easy, you can enjoy these cool summertime deals at Casa Tara Retreat! Check out all of the great summer specials we offer on rooms, activities, and spa treatments!

Choose a Room With a View

One of the biggest draws of our luxury Baja hotel is our wonderful selection of comfortable rooms. Taking cues from classic beachside architecture, all of our rooms are settled into villas, offering easy access to the most beautiful parts of the beaches of La Ventana. 

Four Great Ways to Stay

Here at Casa Tara, we put comfort and relaxation first. That’s why we have four different luxurious room options to rest in while you stay with us. Each option offers ready access to the beach, our desert gardens, and is within walking distance to our world-class restaurant and spa. Designed using timeless principles for an unforgettable experience, we’ve also outfitted all of our rooms with modern comforts, like WiFi and, of course, cool and breezy air conditioning.

Make the Most of Every Summer Day

There’s so much more to a vacation than simply relaxing in your room. For a true getaway experience, make sure you’ve got plenty to do. We make it easy to stay engaged by offering plenty of ways to explore and experience Baja, La Ventana, and El Sargento. From exciting choices like kiteboarding to more mellow endeavors like fishing, we’ve got something for everyone here.


The beaches of La Ventana are well-regarded as one of the best places to go kiteboarding in the world! Our luxury hotel is ideally located along the Baja Peninsula and across from Cerralvo Island. Between the two is a unique wind channel that ensures that there are strong, steady winds across the entire bay all day long. That makes it easy to enjoy great kiteboarding sessions every day of the week. 

Great for beginners and pros alike, people from all over the world flock to the beaches of La Ventana to take part in this fun, and surprisingly relaxing sport. The crisp breeze and the cool water, kiteboarding is a great way to beat the heat. We’re happy to provide you with everything you need to give this great sport a try. From equipment rentals to lessons, we can help kiteboarders of all levels catch some great waves.

Paddle Boarding & Kayaking

Kiteboarding not your thing? Are the winds not strong enough? Looking for a way to connect with the sea in a fun way? We’ve got just the thing for you. Stand up paddleboarding and kayaking are great ways to explore the waters of La Ventana Bay. These activities can be enjoyed year-round and are a great way to take in the scenic beauty of the Baja region. You'll get to paddle through the crystal blue waters of the bay, get up close to the fish and other wildlife that call the bay home, and immerse yourself in the rhythm and sounds of the sea.

You can take a kayak or paddleboard out onto the sea throughout the day. Casa Tara offers equipment rentals and lessons throughout the day, so you can enjoy sunrise out on the water, head out after lunch, or spend some time out in the bay before dinner.

Scuba & Free Diving

The call of the sea is undeniable at Casa Tara. With the beach so close to your room, you’ll naturally be attracted to spend time in the warm waters of the bay. Diving is one of the best ways to truly connect with this striking environment. For beginner and advanced divers alike, Espiritu Santo Bay and Cerralvo Island are beautiful spots to play. We’re excited to have a team of AIDA certified divers who can guide you through these areas and help you develop your scuba and freediving skills.

Relax and Unwind at Our Spa

Once you’ve explored the natural splendor of the La Ventana beaches and the clear waters of the bay, it’s time to step into a temple of tranquility and rest. Casa Tara Retreat is home to Kahlal, our premium wellness spa. At Kahlal, you’ll find a harmonious blend of traditional holistic care inspired by our ancestors from the Baja region, alongside a suite of skills and services taken from ancient oriental healing techniques. The result is a unique range of spa treatments you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

From soothing skin-care rituals to absorbing aromatherapy massages, our spa is focused on helping you re-establish a sense of balance between your mind, body, and soul. 

Spa Treatments Crafted with You in Mind

Our spa staff is trained to help you relax in every sense of the word. Start with a deep tissue massage to release tension, then treat yourself to a pedicure and manicure. You can find relief from pain with our cupping therapy treatments and help you find inner harmony with our Kahlal holistic therapy treatment.

World-Class Dining

After you’ve finished nourishing your mind with our relaxing spa treatments, it’s time to enrich your body with our incredible dining choices. The La Moringa restaurant is a stand-out part of the Casa Tara experience. Featuring an ever-changing menu that offers delectable dishes from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. Using locally sourced, premium ingredients, every meal at La Moringa is set to the backdrop of the striking seaside views that La Ventana is renowned for. 

Local Ingredients Make for Better Meals

Visit La Moringa throughout the summer to find a menu that perfectly captures those feelings of the season. When we first opened La Moringa, Casa Tara Retreat was committed to offering the most authentic Baja dining experience possible. That’s why we work with nearby farmers and fishers to offer locally sourced produce and meats. Our menu changes with the season to reflect the full range of tasty foods offered in the Baja region. This means that despite having a low impact on the environment, our menu leaves a lasting impression on your palette.

Accent Any Meal With the Right Drink

Of course, no meal is complete without a beverage in hand. The La Moringa drink menu is replete with internationally inspired cocktails, local wines and beers, and all of your favorite choices.

A Feast for the Eyes

One of the best parts of the La Moringa experience is the setting. Located right along the beach, you’ll have the chance to engage all of your senses during every meal. On The Terrace, you’ll find a range of relaxation spaces in which you can enjoy your meal. From lounge beds to enviably comfortable chairs, you can relax and enjoy the landscape and your meal at La Moringa.

Book Your Summertime Stay at Casa Tara Retreat

There’s no better season to enjoy Baja California than summertime. Let the warm sunshine wash over you, enjoy the cool breezes, and swim in the crisp waters to truly relax.

Casa Tara Retreat has the luxury hotel summer specials you’re looking for. Reach out to us today to book your stay!

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