kids activities at beach casa tara retreat baja

Going to a luxury hotel in Baja California is a great way to spend your vacation. A beach is relaxing, fun, and beautiful. For kids, there are endless activities they can do at the beach, which is great for parents who just want to relax.

Casa Tara Retreat is a luxury beach resort located in beautiful Baja California. There are a ton of activities to do here that will take your mind off the busyness of your normal life, from kitesurfing and scuba diving to swimming with whale sharks, fishing, swimming, and yoga. Our luxury rooms are right next to the beach so you can listen to the waves while you fall asleep at night or go for a moonlit walk. Below, we’ll go over the top activities for kids to do at the beach. Check out our summer specials, and book a room at our luxury resort in Baja today!


Build a Sandcastle

While this is probably an obvious one, there’s a reason it’s such a popular activity for kids — it’s downright fun! Building a sandcastle taps into the best of your kids’ imaginations as they can build moats, turrets, drawbridges, trebuchets, and more. One of the best things about playing in the sand is that if the kids mess up, it’s easy to start over and try again. Plus, as an adult, you can join in on the fun as well. Kids can even add in figurines or barbies to make the adventure even more action packed!

Play Ball

Any type of ball on the beach is fun. If you bring a beach ball, your kids can enjoy games in the ocean, from playing keep away to just hitting the ball back and forth. You can bring a soccer ball and play soccer on the beach barefooted. This is not only fun as kids’ toes sink into the sand, but playing soccer in the sand also is great for increasing your skills as a soccer player as it entails a bit more coordination and patience since the ball does not move as fast. You can bring a football and play catch, or even a kickball. At Casa Tara Resort, the white sandy beaches will definitely be ready for your kids’ games.

Collect Seashells

There’s something fascinating about walking on the beach and picking up seashells. It’s fun for kids to imagine what animal’s shells these are, where these shells came from, and to see the beautiful and brilliant colors. You can turn collecting seashells into a game as well by seeing who can find the prettiest shell or the most unique shell. Collecting seashells will no doubt keep your kids busy for hours, and seashells are a great souvenir of your time here at Casa Tara Resort in Baja California.


Casa Tara Resort is offering amazing summer specials. If you’re considering a beach resort in Mexico and looking to relax, unwind, and have fun, then book one of our luxury rooms today to ensure availability!