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When choosing a vacation, many people love the idea of a beach resort. What is more relaxing than laying on a beach, reading a book, splashing in the waves, picking up seashells, and doing absolutely nothing all day long? In today’s busy world where every day can be chaos, a luxury beach resort sounds like heaven to most people.

Casa Tara in Baja California offers just a little bit of that slice of heaven you are looking for. With our luxurious rooms with beach views or on the beach, our wellness spa, yoga retreats, and kiteboarding, we offer the best vacation for the whole family. Below, we’ll discuss the top benefits of staying at a luxury beach resort. Book a summer special today!


The Amenities

Many people choose luxury beach resorts because of the amenities. Here at Casa Tara, our amenities are world-class. Our rooms offer queen and king-size beds, WiFi, air conditioning, patios, gorgeous views of the ocean, and luxurious sheets and surroundings. You can find your balance at our wellness spa, which offers massages of every sort, from deep back massages and aromatherapy massages to lomi lomi nui massage and kahlal holistic therapy.

At Casa Tara in Mexico, our yoga retreats are extremely popular, taught by visiting yoga instructors who offer not only relaxing yoga classes but also personal development sessions, life coaching, and more. We offer pools, hot tubs, restaurants, and a beach club. We also offer all-inclusive wedding packages, summer packages, and more. Book today!


When you stay at a luxury beach resort, you will most definitely not be bored. La Ventana Bay right outside your room’s window is one of the top-rated kiteboarding beaches in the world. It’s location allows for strong winds to blow, and the flat waters and wide beaches are perfect for beginners to learn on. You can surf here as well, and rent a paddleboard and kayak and cruise the waters on your own. Mountain biking and hiking are close by with bike rentals available. Scuba diving and freediving are popular activities, and Casa Tara offers small-group freediving classes and scuba diving courses with our certified guides. You can swim with the whale sharks that return every spring to have their babies.

Of course, there is world-class fishing, which is great for big-gamers who are looking for Blue or Black Marlin and Mahi Mahi. You can walk the beach, build sand castles, visit the neighboring towns that are still rural, and explore the coral reefs of Isla Cerralvo. In fact, there is so much to do here at Casa Tara in Mexico, you could stay for months and never be bored. Book today!

The Beach

There’s a reason so many people love going to the beach — it’s good for you! There are many surprising health benefits of going to a beach that many people don’t even realize but is one of the main reasons people are drawn to beaches. First, it’s relaxing. Staring at the waves calms and soothes you; your heart rate drops, and your mind clears as you watch the waves lap the white sandy beaches.

Next, you are outdoors in the sun, which gives your body much needed vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body produce serotonin, the feel good chemical that lifts your spirits. The salt water itself is great for your skin. It helps cure, clear, and cleanse it, helping to prevent acne. The salt helps to rid your hair of harmful oils. Salt cleanses wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Salt water helps to clear out your sinuses, which is great if you have allergies. Plus, swimming is all around good exercise. Sand is a natural exfoliant, and walking on the beach itself burns more calories than walking on flat roads. Who knew the beach had so many health benefits? Book today!


Casa Tara Retreat is offering amazing summer specials so you can more fully enjoy the amazing benefits of our luxury beach resort. Our mission is to offer a place where you can restore your body, refresh your soul, and clear the mind. We want to create an amazing oasis of relaxation and fun. Book your stay today!