There’s no denying the international appeal of Casa Tara Retreat. The pursuit of a restorative experience is one that anyone across the globe can appreciate. That’s why we are so thrilled to be featured in Pointus, an online exploration and travel magazine based in Paris, France. 


Driven by a passion for authentic and novel experiences, the team at Pointus started in 2014 as a way for the team to expand their reach and interests. Always in pursuit of new activities, foods, and ideas, the team used Pointus as a way to explore cities, regions, and countries through the places and spaces that lend them their unique character. By pouring over menus, perusing through local shops, and staying at one-of-a-kind hotels, the writers find the must-visit locations that might be “off the beaten track.”

It only makes sense then that the writers at Pointus would find their way to Baja California and Casa Tara Retreat!

Glowing Reviews From Our Recent Visitors

We hosted the writers for four days as they explored the town of La Paz and the surrounding peninsula. With our striking location and seaside overlooks, it’s easy to see why they found Casa Tara to be the “ideal retreat.”

Pointus treated themselves to our wellness spa, one of the gems of our luxury hotel. Here they found an impressive selection of artisanal and organic body care products. Soon after they met with our yoga instructor, Luis Colina, who led through a Naam Yoga session. The unique form isn’t often practiced in Europe and combines energy, sports, and mantra to offer a transformative yoga experience.

The writers from Pointus were naturally drawn to our divine restaurant, La Moringa. Known beyond the walls of our luxury retreat, La Moringa features a variety of fare that makes use of fresh takes on classic recipes and features locally sourced ingredients for a culinary experience you simply can’t find anywhere else. As they noted, “it is with joy and expectation that we will dine the three nights of our stay at La Moringa, an undeniable asset of Casa Tara. Indeed, everything that comes out of the kitchen of Casa Tara is well-sourced, often organic and very precisely seasoned.”

All in all, our visitors enjoyed the serene landscapes, the relaxed atmosphere, engaging yoga sessions, and the world-class dining options. 

Our Luxury Yoga Retreat in Mexico

We were happy to host our friends from Pointus as they explored everything that our luxury hotel had to offer. They made sure to take advantage of some of our best features, like our premier yoga retreat and courses, our stunning restaurant, as well as soaking up the sun and the views in the hills and beaches that surround Casa Tara.

Beyond our yoga courses and dining options, we also offer a wide selection of activities for you to relax and enjoy while you stay with us here in Baja California. La Ventana Bay is regarded as one of the best kiteboarding and kitesurfing beaches in the world. For those looking to explore the tranquil waters of the bay, we offer stand up paddleboarding and kayaking as well. We also suggest taking a morning trip to watch the sunrise over the waters. For those looking to explore the landscapes that surround the Sea of Cortez, we offer mountain biking and hiking as well, offering you the chance to experience the beautiful trails that criss-cross Baja California.

When you’re not out and about exploring El Sargento and La Ventana, you can relax and unwind in our decadent rooms. With a variety of ways to stay, your sure to find an arrangement that best suits your interests. Our luxury hotel in Mexico also features packages that include a myriad of our most popular activities and access to our spa.

Book Your Stay Today

We welcome the writers from Pointus to come back and stay with us anytime. That invitation extends to you as well! If you’re looking for an unforgettable getaway at a secluded paradise, then Casa Tara Resort in Baja California is for you. Find out more about our amenities and then book your stay today.

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