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Beachfront yoga shala with a great view to the Sea of Cortez and Cerralvo Island. Great for yoga sessions at sunrise and sunset, it can be used for meditation, yoga classes and workshops accommodating up to 40 people. Fully equipped. It has a palapa roof and no windows, which makes the shala very organic. Next to this shala is a lounge, a library and a meditation area.

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Ananda shala is our second yoga pavilion, situated right above Kalal Spa. It is a closed, more private space, equipped with A/C. This is a great space for workshops and more quiet, private yoga practices.




Kathleen (Rishika) Stebbins, RYT 200, has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and is a certified Jaya Yoga and meditation instructor. She teaches vinyasa flow with a focus on sustainable movement for all levels



My intention in my teaching practice is to bring more love and consciousness to all my classes. We cover asanas, breathing techniques, mantras and meditations. In my core class we have fun and connect to the physical body. The class is physical and a perfect complete body work out, as well it is perfect if you are working towards more advanced asana practice. While it is physical you do not have to be an advanced yogi to enjoy. In contrast to the strong physical practice my yin class is slow and deep we focus on the spiritual and energetic connection to the body. My breathwork class is a therapeutic process that is more effective in developing awareness to your body than even yin yoga. In yoga we spend an hour going in to improve what is going on without. Join me to learn more!

200 hours, The Yoga Point, Nasik, India completed my teacher training in Hatha yoga. We covered mantra meditations, arevedic training, tantra philosophy, yogic cleansing, breathwork, yoga nidra and more

200 hours, The Yoga People in Monterrey, Mexico we learned Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga

Reiki Master, Myorei Healing Vancouver, Canada

Chi Kung 7 Lotus, Renate Geier Vancouver, Canada

Shamanism Theory and Meditation Practices, Gretchen Anderson, Global

Masters in Ontogony Mind and Both Therapy, Carlos De Leon, Vancouver Canada



8: 00 AM / Vinyasa yoga with Jim

9:15 AM / Restorative yoga with Jim

4:30 PM / Yin yoga with KayKay



8:00 AM / Vinyasa Flow with Kathleen

 9:15 AM / Oula Fitness cardio with Samy

 4:30 PM / Yin-Restorative Yoga with KayKay



7:45 AM / Vinyasa with Jim

9:00 AM / Level 1 Ashtanga with Jen

10:30 AM / Yin Yoga with Jen


8: 00 AM / Vinyasa Flow with Kathleen

9:15 AM /Restorative yoga with Jim


8:00 AM / Vinyasa yoga with Jim

9:15 AM / Oula Fitness cardio with Samy


9:00 AM / Vinyasa Yoga with Jim


9:00 AM / Vinyasa Yoga with Jim

Prices: Drop in class $230 MXN (13 USD) / 10 - Class package $1,800 MXN (100 USD) /
Unlimited one-month $ 2,800 MXN (155 USD) *CASH ONLY